Jan 28, 2012

As opposed to yesterday, I stayed home all day.

I got up at late afternoon and laid in bed for an hour and a half on this app called Thumb on my iPod. It’s dumb but sort of addicting. 

Then I didn’t want to interact with anyone so I got straight to my desk and got on the computer, with my school stuff out. I check my Tumblr first then some other stuff. A part of my body wanted to study for physics so my notebook was open. The other part of me researched for some new music to listen to (I listened to one band for 2 weeks straight, everyday). Then I go to the kitchen for some food and I made myself a concoction of rice, fried eggs, cheese with this soy sauce-based sauce and mixed it all up and ate it. It was surprisingly good.

My mom came home from church and made me do the laundry because she was going to go shopping with my dad. As they were leaving the house, my dad told me to walk the dog.

So I was home alone (my sister went somewhere idk). I was going up and down the stairs to get the laundry and fold it in my room because I was watching Milk. Honestly, I was just watching it for James Franco. And that movie is like 2 hours long and I had to make multiple pauses for the laundry stuff.

After the movie and laundry-folding had finished, I was fully prepared to study. Then, I was requested to pick my sister up. So I went and came back. On the walk to the front door, there was this cool woman standing in front of the open trunk of a van so I guessed that she was going to be our new next door neighbor. We introduced ourselves and then introduced her mom in the apartment. They were cool white people.

The past few days, I watched a lot of movies in this order. I recommend them all.

I was going to watch Donnie Darko and The Virgin Suicides but I was too scared to watch it by myself. I actually made a list of movies to watch from this one question from Yahoo Answers.

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